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Overview Programme Side Events (Draft – Subject to change)

From 15th-19th March 2016 several official side events will cover a broad range of topics around energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Please find below detailed information for each side event planned. Please note that the total number of participants for each event is limited.

Registration for guided tours: The participation in all side events is free of charge. To register please click on the “Register” links below. Full day guided tours include lunch and dinner. Half day guided tours include either lunch or dinner depending on when they take place.

Registration for other side events: Please send an E-Mail to the indicated address.

Detailed agendas for each side event will be available shortly.

Guided tour Bioenergy Get to know sustainable bioenergy applications in the electricity and heat sector. Visits to biogas-, CHP and biomass plants in Berlin and surrounding area showing a broad range of technical solutions for different feedstocks and applications.

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Guided tour Renewable energy industry Added value through renewable energies. Visits to assembly plants and large scale renewable generation sites offer you the opportunity to get to know the entire economy around renewable energies and get in touch with this industry’s decision makers.

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Guided tour Sustainable mobility Find out about innovative, sustainable and renewable mobility concepts. Visits to innovative and cutting edge pilot projects around e-mobility, alternative fuels and innovative urban mobility concepts. A visit to the Berlin e-mobility conference will also offer great networking opportunities.

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Guided tour Flexibility and storage Increase your knowledge on future key concepts and solutions for flexibility and storage options. Visits to large and small scale state-of-the-art storage applications and flagship power-to-gas plants will highlight the latest technical advancements.

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Guided tour Energy transition in industry and commerce Learn more about renewable energy and energy efficiency applications in industry and commerce. Visits to companies will allow you to learn about the economic feasibility of new energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions first-hand. And company representatives will share their practical experience.

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Guided tour Innovations The energy transition is a driver for innovation and employment. Visits to energy clusters in Berlin, Meet-ups with innovative energy start-ups as well as research and development specialists will give you the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about the most up-to-date technologies and business models.

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Guided tour Grid and market integration Learn from the latest experience of integrating renewable energies into the grid infrastructure. Find out how fluctuating capacities can be cost-efficiently integrated while maintaining highest levels of security of supply by visiting grid control centres and meeting with experienced trade experts.

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Guided tour Smart and efficient buildings

Guided tour Smart and efficient communities
Find out about the latest trend-setting smart building solutions and innovative energy concepts on a local level. Visits to energy efficient buildings and quarters, like the Berlin governmental district, will show you first hand innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions at building level. Concepts on a regional and community level will be presented during visits to energy efficient and self-sufficient communities.

Click here for further information on smart buildings.

Click here for further information on smart communities.

Renewable energies projects
VBI project developers and managers will share their project development and management know-how and show how to avoid and overcome obstacles and difficulties in the planning and implementation process of international renewable energy projects. By looking at real-life projects from VBI member companies you will be working in strategies to achieve set goals in a time and cost-efficient way.
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Contact: hoellen@vbi.de
Presentation Delphi Energy Future 2040 Is a future without coal and oil at all possible? Will consumers in 2040 satisfy their power needs by using rooftop PV and power-generating windows? Which actors and business models will prevail in the energy sector?
In the context of a rapidly changing energy world the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and PwC chose to implement a strategic foresight study to assess the future of energy systems globally. At the launch event key results will exclusively be presented and discussed with renowned energy experts and the audience.

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Contact and registration: abel@delphi-energy-future.com

British Embassy: Panel Discussion – Investment in a low carbon context

G7 Leaders at Elmau and representatives of over 190 countries in Paris committed the world to a low carbon economic future. What does this mean in practice for banks, investment houses, companies and individuals? The British Embassy, Berlin is hosting a panel discussion on Tuesday 15 March to discuss these issues.

If you would like to attend, please register by email by 8 March to Stephanie.Dsouza@fco.gov.uk

Available places are limited.

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B2B reception Get in touch with innovative German enterprises providing technology and services for smart energy solutions. This event includes face-to-face meetings with potential partners or clients and provides great networking opportunities with German decision-makers and entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Contact: office@export-erneuerbare.de
B2G Business-to-Government events. More information to follow (invitation only).